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What is the state: [status, condition, posture, or position] of your union?


Do you ever feel like there's something more, something beyond what you've already discovered, but you haven't quite figured out what it is?  ​

Have you ever felt out of sync with your true self?

Maybe you've experienced moments where your pursuits seem at odds with your deepest values and beliefs.

This dissonance can arise when there's a misalignment with our intrinsic nature to flow and function from our union with Christ.

We were created to live in and from union with Christ, where every aspect of who we are and what we do flows effortlessly from this sacred connection. But sometimes, we find ourselves out of sync with this truth.

I get it, we know who we are—we're sons, daughters, and kings on the earth—but what's beyond that? What sustains that identity?  What does it look like to be aware of and live from our unbroken union with Christ?


I believe it looks like an upgrade, and we're invited to find out.

Are you ready to explore a greater depth of the state of your union and unlock your full potential in Christ? Let's step into this journey together and discover the upgrades awaiting us in our union.


What to Expect?


You can expect a transformative time of growth, understanding, alignment, and an upgraded state of congruence and clarity in your union with Christ.

The class is limited to 10 participants to ensure an intimate and personalized experience for everyone involved. This limited capacity allows for deeper engagement, meaningful interactions, and personalized attention throughout the workshop.

When & Where?

Tuesday, April 9th, at 11 am - 1pm PST

We will be meeting via Zoom and replays will be available.

Investment: $249

Join us in exploring the power of living in complete union with Christ.


Register now to secure your spot in the  State of Your Union workshop and embark on a journey of discovery and alignment.

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