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Spark Session

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Creativite Ingenuity Begins With a Spark

Reignite Your Vision!


Often, our dreams, visions, and goals could use a tune-up rather than a complete overhaul.  They need a gentle spark to get back on track and move in the right direction. Spark Sessions with Dr. Tony Robinson are the acceleration designed to do just that.

These prophetically infused sessions are succinct, focused consulting sessions that kindle purpose, vision, and goals. 

Serving as an ignition switch, Spark Sessions empowers you to operate at your fullest potential, igniting creativity and fostering ingenuity.  

Throughout the session, we will collaborate to help you gain clarity, and strategy to create a focal point that gives you a fresh perspective on living your best life going forward.  

In a SPARK Session, you can expect:

  • Infusion of Godly Wisdom: Ground your journey in divine guidance.

  • Ignition and Clarity: Propel your purpose and vision into clear focus.

  • Elevation of your overall productivity.

  • Direction Toward Your Desired Destination: Chart a course toward your goals with intention.​

Spark Sessions are designed for:

  • For those seeking short-term clarity and support of their visions and goals.

  • Those who have a plan but need assistance in optimizing and structuring them. 

  • Those ready to break free from 'stuck' mode.  

  • Those determined to take the necessary steps towards progress.

  • YOU! ​


How does it work?

Spark Sessions are conducted via Zoom. In a 75-minute Zoom session, Dr. Tony combines powerful consulting, motivation, and empowerment tools to give you control over your life. Together, we'll gain clarity, create a focal point, and give you a fresh perspective on living your best life.

What does it include?

  • A 75-minute private consultation with Dr. Tony.

  • Follow-up email for continued guidance.

  • Downloadable session recording to revisit your insights.

  • Limited email support to keep you on track.

What is the investment?

The investment for a personalized Spark Session is $499.

To initiate your Spark, start by filling out the form below. 

Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email and scheduling information. 

*Please Note -

These personalized sessions are not intended to replace long-term consulting or strategizing but to serve as a powerful jumpstart toward your desired destination.

We are looking forward to providing you with a powerfully transformational experience that will propel you into the fullness of God’s heart and love for you!

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