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We know that no matter the level, attending any of our Dream Retreats is an experience that will change your life, and want to make sure you have all the information you need. Below are some of our frequently asked questions and comprehensive answers to get you started.


Can you tell me more about what I will experience?

Every Dream Retreat is significantly different from the previous one. At each retreat, we experience a powerful move of God that defies explanation. While nothing about the retreat or the experience is a secret, there simply are no words to adequately describe the awesomeness of it. It is truly a level of experience and God encounters that can best be summed up by the phrase "You Had to Be There"

How can I get more details?

We release the pertinent and intimate details directly to those who are registered to attend the retreat. Attendees receive emails and updates before, leading up to, and 24 hours prior to the retreat which also includes any necessary pre-retreat assignments.

Can I bring my Spouse?

Spouses are welcome to join you for a retreat, we understand spouses are a major component in our dreams and dream building with God. Their support and agreement are vital to the success of our dreams. Please note the following:

Imagination Retreat, the investment price point is per person, there is no price adjustment.

Imagination Station, we offer a special pricing package for accompanying spouses.

Atelier and Elevate Experiences, there is a nominal spouse fee to cover the cost of meals, gifts, and activities. 

Will I have my own Room?

Yes. We are intentional in choosing locations and venues that will ensure each retreat attendee will enjoy their retreat stay in private accommodations.


Will I have downtime?

Yes, we have designed our retreats in such a way as to provide ambiance and space for rest, relaxation, exploration, and FUN! While not a vacation, our retreats have vacation-infused aspects. We understand that not only does your business need refreshing as you dream with God but YOU also deserved to be refreshed. 

Is my registration refundable?

As a general rule due to the nature of our retreats and the vast personalization of the experience we work to create and curate exclusively for you, we are unable to issue refunds. Registrations are non-refundable, regardless of circumstances, including, but not limited to weather, natural disaster, acts of terrorism, flight delays or cancellations, health conditions; medical, personal, family, or work emergencies; or change of mind. We are glad to offer credit toward a future retreat in the event you must cancel your registration. 

What happens if the retreat is canceled?

It is our heart to never cancel a retreat and we will do our best to move the retreat to a future date. However, in the unlikely event that a retreat must be canceled, attendees will have the option to transfer registration to a future retreat.

Are my travel expenses included in the cost?

No. Retreat registration does not include airfare or ground transportation with the exception of our Elevate and Atelier Experiences.  Ground transportation from the airport to the venue and from the venue to the airport after the retreat is provided.


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