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November 5-10 2024


Welcome to the Momentous Couples Retreat 

Join Dr. Tony Robinson along with guest facilitators Jimmy & Shanna Fougerousse 

for an extraordinary 5-night all-inclusive retreat designed exclusively for married couples.

Momentous is not your average marriage retreat; it's not about fixing or restoring broken marriages. The Momentous experience is dedicated to enhancing, fortifying, and elevating your already strong and healthy relationships.

It is a space to learn, construct, and solidify the foundation of your love.


Momentous allows couples to retreat, recalibrate, and build up their marriage through inspiring sessions, fun activities, and bonding with other couples. This retreat experience provides a haven for couples to unplug and be served. This is your opportunity to step away from the demands of daily life, relax, and relish the chance to nurture your relationship, taking it to the next level of strength and closeness. 

Whether newlyweds or celebrating decades together, Momentous Retreat presents the perfect opportunity to upgrade and champion your marriage.


Please note that to ensure an intimate and personalized experience, Momenteous is limited to 5 couples. 

3 spaces remaining 

Dr. Tony Robinson
Jimmy & Shanna Fougerousse

 The Experience

During your 5-night stay free from distractions, you will experience:

  • New perspectives and fresh insights into your marriage, allowing you to see it in a more positive and productive light.

  • Strategic wisdom from Dr. Tony Robinson and powerful facilitators, as they share valuable insights into building and maintaining a healthy marriage.

  • Strengthened Connections: Enhance the emotional and spiritual connection between you and your spouse.

  • Quality Time while creating lasting memories free from the distractions of daily life

  • Understanding of the Power of Marriage: Grasp the significance of creating an inheritance and legacy through the power of marriage.

  • Building genuine connections and gaining new friendships with other married couples.

  • Departing from the retreat with a stronger sense of the resilience and durability of your marriage, along with newfound confidence in the alignment of your unified dreams, visions, and goals.


For further details, please visit our Commonly Asked Questions section.

November 5-10 2024

 The Setting

The Momentous Retreat takes place on the breathtaking island of Isla Mujeres in the magnificent beauty of the Riviera Maya Caribbean. Isla Mujeres is located 13 kilometers off of Cancun's pristine coasts and is known for its beautiful white-sand beaches, calm crystal clear turquoise waters, world-class diving, and snorkeling.

Every aspect of Momentous has been crafted to enrich and nurture your relationship. From dynamic teaching sessions that empower and uplift your marriage to engaging exercises designed for deeper emotional connections.

This retreat blends relaxation, romance, and personal growth in a vacation-like setting, rejuvenating both your spirit and your marriage.


The daily schedule of Momentous is thoughtfully arranged  to foster unforgettable connections with both your spouse and God. 


Image by Azrul Aziz
The Facillitators
Dr. Tony Robinson

Meet Dr. Tony a power-filled dynamic dream catalyst, mentor, and seasoned retreat facilitator. Her life is one of extraordinary transformation and resilience. She flourished in her role as a wife for 25 years, until the sudden and unforeseen loss of her husband, In the wake of this heartbreaking event, Dr. Tony has transformed her adversity into victory and turned what was once unimaginable into reality, 

Drawing from her journey Dr. Tony is passionately committed to empowering and encouraging couples to flourish in their marriages.

Jimmy & Shanna Fougerousse

Meet Shanna and Jimmy, a dynamic couple on an 11-year journey of love, laughter, and blended family magic. Jimmy, the heartbeat of our duo, is a powerhouse of generosity and fun. An outdoor enthusiast, he lights up any gathering with his zest for life. Shanna, co-founder of The Undivided Heart, is the guiding force, passionate about helping individuals discover their authentic selves.

Together, they share a commitment to seeing marriages thrive in freedom and fun. Whether exploring the world's wonders, indulging in movie marathons, or savoring culinary delights at hidden gems, Shanna and Jimmy find joy in the simple pleasures. Their blended family story adds an extra layer of love, resilience, and shared adventures.

3 spaces remaining 

 The Investment


Early Registration $6,500 per couple 

Regular Price $7,000

Minimum Deposit $1100

2, 3, and 6-month phased payment plans are available 

Included in the All-Inclusive Momentous Experience:  

  • 5 days & 5 nights lodging in a luxurious bespoke villa with private accommodations.

  • All Meals

  • All Retreat Sessions.  

  • Personalized and Direct Access through One-on-One Sessions with Dr. Tony.     

  • Exclusive group excursion

  • Exclusive Momentous retreat gifts

  • Round-trip transportation from the Cancun International Airport to the island and the island to the airport. 


What Isn't included: 
• Airfare to and from Cancun 

• Passport fees & personal health travel insurance (recommended)
• Gratuities

• Alcoholic Beverages and Unrelated expenses 

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