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Designed Specifically for Dreamers aged 55 and Beyond



Culturally, we live in a society that suggests 55 marks the beginning of being over the hill.

We live in an era where hyper-idealization of youth and maintaining "your young" is so prominent, it can cause perceptions of age to be more convincing than actual reality. 

BUT...what if there is a greater perception and a broader reality?

  • What if 55 isn't the end of anything except perhaps 54?

  • What if the truth is 55 is just the beginning and you are just getting started?

  • What if those dreams you've had hiding inside of you, are waiting to be unlocked, activated, and brought to life?

  • What if they are for such a time as NOW?

  • What if it's not too late to dream another dream?

  • What if it's not too late to write the book, launch your business, and start a legacy?

  • What if YOUR dreams will lay the foundations that generations of future dreamers get to build upon?


Your dreams hold intrinsic value and God wants to use them to release heaven on earth.  

Your dreams and the value they contain become God's solutions to the world's problems while

simultaneously allowing you to walk in fulfillment and purpose. 


Master Dream Academy is here to help you discover, unearth and build those dreams.

To partner with you in laying foundations and scaling your dreams while aligning them to mirror God's heart.

Our mission is to see a generation shed fears and uncertainty while embracing faith to boldly pursue and walk in their God-given dreams.  to equip a generation with the knowledge that you are never too old to see your God-given dreams come to pass while releasing the powerful understanding that their dreams still matter. We want to unleash within them the audacity to believe their dreams can and will change the world, and that change starts right now.

Class is limited to 15 Spaces.

"You are never too old to see your God-given dreams come to pass."

Classes Begin April 14, 2023

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” 
~Harriet Tubman

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  • Fifteen Men and Women, aged 55 and older who authentically want to see their dreams come alive in God and with God.

  • Dreamers and Visionaries who desire to understand why their dreams and visions matter.

  • Those who want to rediscover their God-dream.

  • Those who are ready to activate and implement their dreams.

  • Those who are ready to raise the bar while raising the roof to create a legacy for generations to come.

  • Those who have a thirst to see their God-dreams create an impact in the world for the advancement of the Kingdom

  • It’s for those who are determined to crush the lie that says your best years are behind you and for those who are bold enough to believe your later can and will be greater than your former through and for the Glory of God.

Dr. Tony and a line-up of PHENOMENAL Guest Presenters will lead 15 Dreamers in a Master Dream Building Experience. Each week they will present laser teaching sessions designed to catapult your capacity to construct your dreams. There will also be small group breakouts and hot seat sessions.


The Dream Academy is divided into 4 specific quadrants over 8 weeks to build solid foundations for what we will be teaching. 

Each quadrant focuses on specific target areas including:


  • Dream Cultivating 

  • Dream Equipping  

  • Dream Activating 

  • Dream Implementation 


Each quadrant includes live classes

and 1 video lesson via email that participants can view at their own pace for the week.


Participants attend classes via Zoom.

MDA Dream Another Dream Classes are held Friday Mornings at 9 am PST



  • Learn how to dream with God.

  • Understanding GOD’s original heart, intent, and dream for your life.

  • Unpacking the truth of why your dreams matter while aligning your vision with where you are going.

  • Establish the purpose of and for your dreams.

  • Gaining a greater sense of confidence in your dreams and why God wants to bring them to fruition.

  • Activate and increase the quality of your dreams by connecting them with your life purpose.

  • See your dreams through the lens of NOW rather than the filter of yesterday.

  • Understanding how to walk out your  God-given dreams out in practical, achievable, and sustainable ways in partnership with God.

  • Developing an action plan

  • Community and Communion with fellow Kingdom-centered Dreamers and Visionaries.

Who's it for?

How Does it Work?

What Will I Experience?

The Investment



Financial Investment


Registrations can be paid in full or in phased payment options.

Registrants who select the pay-in-full option receive

a BONUS private 

Dream Activation / Assessment Session with Dr. Tony.

(Value = $899)

Time Investment 

We understand our registrants have full lives and full schedules so

we’ve been very intentional in designing a program that works

for you while respecting your time.

The time investment will generally be 1 to 2 hours a week.

Featured Presenters

How Do I Register

Complete the registration form below to start the process.

Please keep in mind there is limited space so we cannot accept incomplete registrations. 


All Payments Processed by Square

Registration confirmation will be sent via email.

Please note, the charge on your card statement will be from:


Tony Robinson Coaching & Consulting

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