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Join Dr. Tony in the awe-inspiring beauty of Southwestern Utah for a reformative 3-day retreat experience designed for Kingdom leaders who want to dream, plan, and execute phenomenal and profitable retreats.

IMAGINE retreat isn't your typical retreat and is slated to be greater than the Imagine Retreats before it. This will be an experience 

unlike any other that will reform and transform the way you see, experience, and host retreats. While Imagine is a micro version of Imagination Station we are doubling down and leveling up to ignite your imagination, and passion, unleash your creativity, to create Kingdom-infused transformative experiences for your participants.

Retreat hosting is about more than logistics and planning - it's about creating an AWE-filled space where participants can connect with God, themselves, and others. That's why our retreat is carefully crafted to inspire and empower you to create unforgettable retreat experiences that leave a lasting impact. 

Registration is limited to 7 and is by invitation and application only.




From retreat design and facilitation to more techniques like intention-setting, group dynamics, and modalities of facilitation we will cover it all. We'll even cover practical tips and strategies for planning, budgeting, and marketing, so you can uplevel your retreats. 

In this retreat, you'll have the chance meet, fellowship and learn alongside other like-minded Kingdom retreat leaders.

You will also have the opportunity to connect one on one with Dr Tony and glean from over a decade of her experience, wisdom, and knowledge in the world of retreat hosting.

With ample opportunities for learning, networking, and sharing feedback and support, this retreat is the perfect space to ignite your passion and take your retreat hosting skills to the next level.


Day One:
Setting the Foundation

 Day One starts with a bang! We have some FUN welcome activities followed by a deep dive into the fundamentals of retreat design and facilitation.


Discover how to create a clear vision for your retreat, identify your target audience, and craft an experience that meets the diverse needs of your participants.

We'll jump into aligning your retreat with your unique voice and vision, and provide practical tips for creating an environment that fosters connection, trust, and creativity.


Get ready to leave feeling inspired and empowered to bring your retreat dreams to life!


Day Two:
Crafting the Experience


Day Two is all about unleashing your creativity and bringing your retreat to life!


We'll explore a range of facilitation modalities, and discover your power tools of engagement through FUN  hands-on activities and group exercises.

We'll dive into the logistics of retreat planning, including

intention-setting, group dynamics, and the power of creating a safe and supportive space for your retreat-goers. 


We will dive into budgeting, marketing, and finding the perfect location.


Day Three:
Integration & Application 



On day three, we'll help you bring your retreat dreams to life!

Our focus will be on integration and next steps.


Get ready to have a blast as we collaborate, brainstorm, and let our imaginations run wild! 

Armed with the tools you've gathered from the previous two days, we'll guide you in creating a solid framework for your own amazing retreat.

We'll discuss strategies for staying connected to your participants after the retreat is over, as well as ways to continue your own personal and professional growth as a facilitator.

You'll leave with a solid foundational blueprint to build out your retreat and create an unforgettable experience for your participants.


When, Where &
The Investment


August 10-13


St. George Utah

For those who are arriving via plane, you have the option of flying directly into St. George or you can fly into Harry Reid International Airport located in Las Vegas NV.

St. George is just a short scenic 2-hour drive from Las Vegas NV.


There will be a carpool list

and possible shuttle available for those traveling from Las Vegas.



We are looking forward to providing you with a powerfully transformational experience that will propel you into the fullness of God’s dream and vision for your life and business.

Apply Here to be considered for IMAGINATION STATION

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