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Retreat Advisory Services

Thank you for your interest in our retreat advisory services. Please use the form below to get started. 

  • Signature

  • Premium

For those choosing Signature or Premium options, you will receive a confirmation email Including a link to schedule and submit payment.

  • Exclusive 2.5-Day Experience 

For those applying for the Exclusive in-person experience once your application has been received our team will review it carefully.  You will receive an email within 48 hours with the status of your application. If your application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email containing important information including a link to complete your registration and payment options.




Begin your retreat planning journey with our Signature Retreat Planning Experience. This session is designed to address your immediate needs and provide you with actionable steps to start your retreat-building process.  


  • Duration: One 90-minute consultation.

  • Strategic Overview: Assess your initial ideas and objectives for the retreat. This session will help clarify your vision, identify key themes, and outline the primary goals of your event.

  • Practical Advice: Receive expert advice on venue selection, initial budget considerations, and basic marketing strategies to kickstart your planning.

  • You will leave with a clear direction and practical advice tailored to your unique retreat goals.

Your Investment: $499

Elevate your retreat planning capabilities. Deepen your planning enabling you to implement effective strategies for memorable retreat experiences. This level provides more time to refine your retreat design and facilitation skills. 


  • Duration: Two 90-minute consultations, scheduled at your convenience.

  • Session 1: A thorough assessment of your vision and goals. This session focuses on the big picture—defining the purpose, themes, and desired outcomes of your retreat. We will explore potential locations, ideal participant demographics, and overarching logistical considerations.

  • Session 2: Dive deeper into the execution details. This session covers scheduling, budgeting, and marketing strategies. We will also refine the agenda, discuss facilitation techniques, and establish metrics for success.

Your Investment: $949

*2 Payment option available 

Exclusive: One-on-One 2-day Retreat Planning experience. Elevate your retreat planning with a personalized, in-depth 2.5-day retreat planning experience with Dr. Tony Robinson.




  • Duration: 2.5 days of intensive, personalized retreat planning.

  • Location: A serene setting conducive to creativity and strategic thinking.

  • Structure: 2.5 days with Dr. Tony Robinson, dreaming, vision casting, planning, and designing your retreat.

  • This personalized experience is built around dynamic dialogue, ensuring every moment is tailored to your specific aspirations and goals.


By application only this offering is limited and available to those who demonstrate a clear vision and a desire to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Your Investment: $4,999 - $6,999

*Payment plans are available 

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